Best Life Essentials

You deserve the best. Live life to the fullest with these ultimate essentials.

You're a man of the world, and your time is precious. That doesn't just mean it's limited — it means you want to pursue your greatest passions, and fill each moment with the very best. Whether in your professional life or your off-hours, these innovative, beautiful and useful Best Life Essentials will help you make the most of every minute.

Tiffany CT60® Chronograph

Accented in rose gold with gold poudré numerals on a blue soleil dial, this chronograph is as functional as it is beautiful, with a self-winding mechanical movement, 42-hour power reserve and water resistance to 100 meters. $15,000 at

Kiton Carracci Cashmere/Vicuna Sport Coat

Il meglio del meglio più uno. It means "the best of the best plus one," and it's the slogan of Italian clothing company Kiton. If you’re about to drop $9,950 on a sport coat, it really ought to be pretty darn good, no? This is. If you'd think it's cashmere that makes this bad boy so pricey, you’d be wrong: It’s the vicuna wool. A vicuna is a wild camelid native to South America; it's to an alpaca what a caribou is to a reindeer, and its wool sells for up to $3,000 a yard. If you'd like a pure vicuna jacket — undiluted by nasty old cashmere — the good people at Kiton are happy to hook you up with one of those too. It'll run you $21,000, though.

Seven Dreamers Caddie Bag

When you consider that upstart Japanese golf company Seven Dreamers will happily sell you a single golf club for $120,000 (the shaft is made of gold), the fact that they also make a caddie bag worth $8,500 + tax seems almost a bargain. They build the bag with space-grade carbon fiber typically used in satellites, employing a spine structure called T-System that can withstand a powerful impact. (If you have their expensive clubs, you'll want that.) The whole thing is wrapped up in beautiful black leather. If Darth Vader were a fan of the links, this is the bag he’d be using.

Krug Vintage Champagne

According to Arvid Rosengren, a.k.a. The man just named the top sommelier in the world, this French bubbly is luxurious and impressive in youth, broad and luscious with age. "Always a safe bet and a very ageworthy champagne," he says. $250 at

Common Projects Sneakers

Take note of the kids around the office: White sneakers are no longer dad fashion. Or maybe they are, and that’s the point. In any case, they’re seriously back in style. These luxe versions from Common Projects will pair with a suit for a casual meeting and get you through the weekend — and last for several seasons of both. $410 at

Lacroix Ultime Black Skis

Like to ski? If you’re ready to drop about $10,000 on these planks, you probably really, really love to ski. The company made just 100 pairs of them, boasting of a double-layered titanium alloy that's high-performance and supremely durable.

Chivas Regal Royal Salute

Queen Elizabeth II was crowned in 1953. In 2003, in honor of Liz being on the throne for half a century, Chivas Regal decided to bottle some of the scotch that had been quietly aging for the whole of that time. The result was 255 bottles of Chivas Regal Royal Salute. Incidentally, the most expensive bottle of scotch ever sold must make this stuff seem like mouthwash. In January of 2014, a single bottle of Macallan “M” from 1940 sold at a Hong Kong auction for a jaw-dropping $631,850. $200 at

Tiffany CT60® Annual Calendar

Striking in monochromatic 18k white gold, this Tiffany & Co. timepiece has silver poudré numerals on a grey soleil dial, and a hand-stitched alligator strap. Created in a limited edition of 60, each timepiece is individually numbered. $20,000 at

Giacomo Conterno Barolo Riserva "Monfortino" red wine

Primus inter pares in Barolo. Prepare to lay this down for a while and let it blossom out slowly into one of the most beautiful wine experiences possible.

Harley Davidson Sportster Iron 883

Go on! Get a Harley! This little number is a Sportster, a Harley line that goes all the way back to 1957. It’ll set you back $8,849; including tax, you're looking at about 10 G's. But you’ll also be looking fantastic, so who cares?

Egon Müller Scharzhofberger Riesling

This German varietal is from wine aristocracy. Fantastic, ageworthy Rieslings, in a range of sweetness levels, the lighter are easier to access young, the really sweet Eisweins and TBAs last over a lifetime, and cost thereafter)

Ultimate AirBnB On The Cote D’Azur

What has eight bedrooms, 13 beds, a heated infinity pool and breathtaking views of the Mediterranean? Why, Villa Semaphore on France’s stunning Cote d'Azur, of course. It can be yours (for the night) for $10,265, though you’ll need to put even more than that down (10,000 euro) as a security deposit, just FYI.

Tiffany East West®

For those who see time differently, this timepiece's white guilloché dial is sure to make an impression. Its elegant gold poudré numerals and black alligator strap belie water resistance to 30 meters. $4,750 at

Coravin Wine Access

This accessory lets you taste wines without pulling the cork, and it holds the wine relatively fresh in the short term (there have been mixed experiences here, but it's likely to depend more on the health of the cork). It's a good tool to explore your palate and the state of your aging wine, especially if you're in a smaller household and don't want to open a fancy bottle or two every day just for yourself. $299 at

Tom Ford slim button-down brushed cotton shirt

This featherweight flannel is as ideal for date night as it is under a sport coat for your creative office. $510 at

LIS Rough Rider Straight Bourbon Whisky

This award-winning bourbon made in the heart of Long Island is astoundingly, bafflingly affordable. Pick up a case for the holidays, and keep one for yourself. $35 at

Rolls Royce Wraith Suitcases

If you're in the market for investment luggage — make that some serious investment luggage — Rolls Royce has delivered for you. The British company just unveiled their Wraith suitcase line, a 6-piece carbon fiber set is light, hardy and designed to nest perfectly within a Rolls trunk. Created by the automaker's Bespoke department, the collection consists of two wheeled "Grand Tourer" cases, three weekender bags, and a garment bag that can be customized to order. $45,000 at