Best Exotic Vacations in the World

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When to go: April – June, September – October

A tropical paradise in its own right, Bali is often described as the Thailand of 20 years ago. The diminutive island, part of Indonesia, is world-renowned for its beaches, surfing and diving. This isn’t all the Bali has to offer, though: It's home to many stunning temple complexes over 1,000 years old. The center of the island is a patchwork of rice paddies, hills and even a volcano. Hike to the top at dawn for a sunrise you’ll never forget.


When to go: November – April

The world’s most popular exotic vacation destination, Thailand has it all, from palm-fringed golden beaches to warm, clear azure seas to outstanding national cuisine. It's long been a favorite with people seeking an exotic getaway, and it will be for some time to come. Thailand caters to all types with sleek city-center hotels, lazy beach huts and secluded luxury resorts with private beaches and pools. We recommend Ko Lanta and Ko Phi Phi.

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When to go: April – September

Although it's one of Europe’s premier up-and-coming vacation destinations, Montenegro is still off the beaten path. Sandwiched between Croatia, Albania, Bosnia and Serbia, the small country has a rugged, gorgeous coastline on the Adriatic and mountainous interior – Montenegro translates to Black Mountain. The climate is Mediterranean, and the cuisine is a mix of Greek and Italian. Highlights include the stunning Bay of Kotor and the picturesque Sveti Stefan.


When to go: April – October

One of the more obvious choices on this list, Hawaii still earns its reputation as one of the finest exotic vacation destinations in the world. America’s 51st state is home to some of the finest and most varied scenery on the planet: Dense rainforest spreading inland from steep, rocky cliffs; swathes of mountainous ridges and volcanoes; coastal roads delicately carved into the island's craggy exterior — and then there’s the beaches.

Goa, India

When to go: March–May

Once the exclusive reserve of partygoers and hippies, Goa has somewhat grown up in recent years. As India’s smallest and only Christian state – although over 60% of its occupants are Hindu – life in Goa is markedly different from the crowded cities of the north. The main draws are the area’s natural beauty and its beaches, from the chilled-out Arambol in the north to the vibrant Palolem in the south. Goan food, which is quite different from most Indian cuisine, is amazing: Be sure to try a Goan fish curry.